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The Concubine - Chapter 3

Pairing : KyuMin
Genre : Romance, Fantasy
Rating : NC-17
Warning : MPREG

Sungmin bent down painfully in order to wake from his lay. His body was hurt, every inches of it, especially on his lower part and his back. He knew there must be new cuts and bruises left by Ares from his biting and harsh treatment the night before.

The young Meth has left before dawn, leaving Sungmin when he was deep in sleep, tired after so much crying and bearing the pain.
 Sungmin squeezed the blanket that covering over his naked torso tightly. Waking up like that with pain and unbearable headache were simply torturous and make him realized, that everything he remembered happen last night wasn’t just a nightmare.
Ares really have done it, he was filthy now
Sungmin slowly brushed the bruises and those flaming red lovemarks left around his neck.
Ares has left him a mark that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of, forever. A mark that was stronger than the any Mate necklace.
Slowly, he picked the necklace Athena has given him which fell at the corner of the room with his shaking hand. Those beautiful eyes belong to him were red and sad.
What will Athena think if He found Sungmin in this kind of shape? After all that happen onto him, Sungmin was sure that he didn’t deserve Athena anymore.
Athena– Athena wouldn’t want him anymore.
Sungmin tried his best to hold his tears, but it failed. He choked with his own tears when he tried so hard to hold it.
Sungmin fell and curled himself at the corner. He hugged Athena’s necklace close to his heart. The green gems now felt so cold in his hold, the emerald was now crack from the inside despite of it still perfect shape, but it didn’t give the same feeling anymore, the warm has disappeared and the beauty was gone.
Exactly the same as what Sungmin is now, he was taint from inside and his beauty must be diminish on Athena’s eyes.
There were footstep coming in, but Sungmin ignored it. Everything already black in Sungmin’s eyes. There was nothing left for his life anymore.
He being taken away from his family, and now at that very moment, his chance to build a new family here was ruin, collapse in just a matter of one night stand.
“My son, you have to clean yourself, Lord Ares will come to pick you up this morning.” One of the caretaker kneeled on Sungmin’s side, trying to wake him up.
“Lord Ares hates to be denied. You don’t want to see him mad again, don’t you?” The caretaker continued.
Sungmin fidgeted a little and gripping the emerald gems more tightly. A few sobs escaped from his lips.
“If you stayed this way, you will only hurt yourself, Sungmin.” Another soft voice took the chance to beg.
Sungmin slowly tilted his head a bit and exchanging looks with the three caretakers that were kneeling front him. They must be doing it for Ares…remembering the young Meth awful behave and bad temper, Sungmin could guess on what will happen if thing didn’t happen like he wanted it to be.
If Sungmin think to ever deny or rejecting the young Meth, at least he doesn’t want to spare the life of these three caretakers in danger.
Sungmin doesn’t want to make this scene worsen and because of it, he finally let the caretaker guide him up and walk to the bathroom.
“Lift your face, my son.”
Sungmin obeyed, he lifted up his face weakly, letting one of the middle age caretakers to wash his face with rose extract.
“Lord Ares wouldn’t like to see this beautiful face being stain by all these tears.”
Sungmin stay silent. His heart beat painfully every time he heard the name – Ares.
Two of the careetakers started to filling up the tub with warm water and throwing in flowers petals into it. Few of the other caretakers started to wash his back, arms and his lengthy legs. They softened their touches and moves every time Sungmin hissed in pain, trying their best to not worsen the ready cuts left by Ares.
Before this, Sungmin was hurt because of being bath by these baroucheetakers but now, these caretakers were the one who tried to clean the cuts by giving him a bath.
Sungmin slowly caressed the bruises on his arms, it seems like the young meth was just hold onto it only with a hand, but Ares grip seemingly more powerful than any of those steel chains. Sungmin was sure he wasn’t able to get rid of those thought anymore, he will remember it forever, because Ares treat wasn’t only left those bruises on his arms but it will leave a traces in his heart too.
Athena also have such a strong built like Ares did, but Athena was different…he always know how to behave and it has gave comfort to Sungmin, every time he was there by his side.
By only seeing those deep green eyes of the young Meth, Sungmin felt like the entire burden that linger on his shoulder gone. With Athena’s soft and careful touches, Sungmin felt like he’s being appreciate. It gave him feeling for being treasured, knowing that there is someone who love him after he being separate from his family. There was still someone who care for him and please to marry him…
But, the memories of the night before coming flashing front his eyes…
“My god, Sungmin, please don’t cry anymore.”
Sungmin didn’t care over all those words anymore; he was too lost with himself. Sobbing hard whilst crying his heart out.
Those caretakers just speak! They didn’t understand on what he was feeling now! The burden he carries! And those cuts that left from their ‘Young Lord’!
“Han, go and prepare the dress that Lord Ares has gave yesterday.” Told one of the caretakers who busy drying and wrapping Sungmin’s body with towel, Sungmin just fidgeting as his eyes caught the silk dress by the corner of his eyes, definitely not interested.
The young Meth must have thought that he will be able to buy Sungmin with those silks dress or mountain high of treasures, he definitely get it wrong. Sungmin might be only a Terran, he just a young man that being fate to becomes a surrogate. Being treating harshly and being looked down by all those Meth. But none of that Meth will be able to strain Sungmin’s feeling. Sungmin have the right to himself and definitely have the right to gave his heart to the one he love, at that one person is Athena, not Ares!
Sungmin and those caretakers in the bathroom fast looked up when the door has being opened in a rush, and there stood another caretaker who seems younger, she looks panic.
“Nana, Lord Ares already here!”
“Sungmin, don’t cry in front of Lord Ares! Wipe your tears away!” Whispered one of the caretaker behind him in fear. They acted way too careful and timid as if one small mistake may cause their death if they are working front this Meth called Lord Ares…
Sungmin swallowed his spit, even when the Meth was actually back facing him, but still when his eyes caught Ares back has actually erupt all the bad memories from the event the night before, and it simply locked his step, giving a terror to his body for the fear he hold over the tragedy that has fell on him.
“Hmmm…” Ares turned, he smiled in delight by the scenes front him, Sungmin who was standing beautifully, wearing the silk dress that he gave the other night. Those jade black hair of the Terran were wet and the beautiful scent of roses coming from the little figure. Everything is perfect, just like what he wanted it to be, simply satisfying.
 Sungmin simply looked down. Those sapphire blue eyes seem intimidating just like yesterday night. Dark blue eyes with deadly depth and scrutinize.
“Let’s take our leave.” Ares dictated at the same time shoving Sungmin’s lithe body that is far shorter than him.
The Young Lord was actually mean to hold Sungmin so the young Terran will be able to walk by his side, but as he strode bigger, the smaller the step Sungmin take. A small whimpered that come from the pouty lips finally stopped Ares step as the Meth quickly turned to face him.
Sungmin’s step was slow and instable behind Ares. One of his eyes was close due to the pain and with every step he takes; his legs seem to buckle awkwardly. Sungmin grip his waist tightly with his left hand, when his right hand has been hold by Ares from the beginning – his back pelvic down to his bottom was screaming pain.
Ares was shock but he fast covered his expression by hiding it well. There was pity that knock on his heart, deep down under, but as the young lord and with his tough façade, he has to hides his true feeling and sympathy.
“This is your lesson; don’t ever try to deny me anymore.” Ares said monotonically before he grab the small body and effortlessly carried the young Terran to his barouche before he gently bend down to enter the ride by the small door.
Sungmin closed his eyes shut. Unwilling to see the face or even the eyes of Lord Ares. Those big hands that hold him were warm and comfortable; but Sungmin quickly pushed away the thought, realizing the true monster behind it all.
“Next time, I’ll do it more gently.”
Sungmin simply pretend not hearing the soft whisper from Ares afterward, but with the closeness of their face, wanting it or not, he has to hear it clearly.
And Sungmin silently cried in his heart.
Was that mean, Ares will do ‘it’ again to him?
The other night has definitely tormented for Sungmin so much; it surely going to become the worse nightmare that he wont be able to forget. And, what hurt the most was the fact that he going to face it over and over again after this?
The barouche slowly makes it move but Sungmin defiantly kept his eyes shut. One of Ares hands linger around his waist whilst the other was busy exploring every inch of his face and not to forget brushing his hairs.
Ares didn’t put him down; he kept Sungmin securely on his laps. Sometimes he brush the beauty translucent of Sungmin’s pale flawless face.
“You’re beautiful, Sungmin…” Ares whispered in such a low tone. Soon, he started to kiss the exposed neck of Sungmin, blatantly adding the track of kiss mark he already draw last night.
Sungmin shut his eyes tightly. His lips quivering. As hard as he could, he tried to hold his cry by biting the bottom of his lips. Piece by piece of his heart that already break, come shattered; when those lips trailing wet trail down his neck, when those hands hold him tighter, and when his dress started to slips open…
Soft sobs break bit by bit from Sungmin’s lips. He held the edge of his dress in order to protect the fair milky thigh of his that slowly exposed. But, when he caught the burning dead from those sapphire eyes, those silent threat…
Don’t ever try to deny me…
Ares’s warn comeback into Sungmin’s mind. Sungmin look down in terrified. Losing his hold on his dress as Ares swiftly held it high up till his chest, and what left for Sungmin was to cry for his pitiful fate.
“I’ll do it slowly, Sungmin. So stop crying.” Ares whispered drown in between the unannounced kiss on Sungmin’s red lips when he easily he turned the lithe figure on his laps.
Their face was facing each other now, but Sungmin didn’t dare to look on the other eyes. Ares’s face scared him, so he rounded his gaze everywhere other than that and what beneath him. Sungmin knew what will happen next and he knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything to fight the needs of this young Methuselah. Even none of those Meth warriors outside- dare to stop it when his cry breaks trhough the air, since no one dare to stop Ares.
Sungmin shut his eyes tightly and cries in between Ares’s hungry kisses. His hold deepens when he felt something starting to make a way through his hole. His head started to spin round and every single cut and tears from the night before start to burn with pain. Sungmin’s energy haven’t have comeback fully to him and because of that, this time he only managed to cry as his loudest protest.
“Sorry Sungmin. This is the only way I have in order to make sure that you really going to carry my offspring.” Ares said in his rush breathe of air.
But Sungmin didn’t hear him, since all his wakefulness then was only meant for the fiery pain he has to endure.
“Call my name, Sungmin…”
That demand break his hazard mind, listening to it made Sungmin to remember what has happen the other night. He remembered it well on how Ares has pounced him with no mercy when he called for Athena.
Sungmin cried in fears, in his mind was only a reminder; he cant get the wrong name out- or it will ended like the other night.
“A- Ares…” Sungmin cried in the midst of his sobs. Fears and terrors slowly haunting him back. What if he called the wrong name just now? Since the one in his heart always is Athena, but the one who now holding his life now is Ares.
Hearing that, Ares fitfully hugged the petite figure securely, meant to erase all the fears built inside the sensitive heart of Sungmin. He wanted to let the young Terran know that he wont hurt him…as long Sungmin obey all his wishes, as long as Sungmin stay in his arms.
“Kyuhyun…call me Kyuhyun when there is only you and me.” Ares spoke softly before pecking Sungmin’s lips over and over again. He whispered his name again, in order for Sungmin to remember it clearly.
“Say it, Sungmin…say my name…”
Sungmin squeezed Ares’s shirt. He cried, when Athena’s name echoed in his heart but his lips saying lie…
“Ky- Kyuhyun…”




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